Design of urban shade structures and groundscape paving
Construction 2014

Bloomcanopy proposes a family of shade structures installed adjacent the Pierce Street market, adding a civic marker to the burgeoning downtown culture of Phoenix. The installation is intended to function not only as a place to step momentarily out of the blistering heat while in transit, but also one to pause awhile and have a cool drink.

Below the canopy a groundscape provides seating, beds for planting, and storm run-off. At night, lighting from within the structures will emanate from the ‘trees’. In collaboration with landscape architects Gavan Barker, we have extended the formal language of the canopy to the paving pattern on the street below to produce an integrated spacial experience.

Our desire was for sustained vibrancy in a landscape bleached varying shades of beige, not unlike a delicate yet tenacious bloom that finds a fissure in the sidewalk out of which to grow. Glazed ceramic ’baguettes’ are inserted into prefabricated powder-coated steel structures. Each canopy contains a different combination of three colors, chosen to stimulate complimentary vibrations within the eye.


Matter project team
Alfred Zollinger, Sandra Wheeler, co-directors
Christopher Malloy, Elizabeth Beecherl, Hannes Decancq, Takuya Toyama, Emily Mak