Exhibition design and fabrication

MATTER developed this project from the exhibition’s early conceptual stages, helping expand the texture and dimension of the inherently text-heavy subject—green strategies at the community scale—into a visually engaging environment. We considered a broad definition of community—ranging in scale from digital communication networks to living cells. Further inspiration was drawn from ice core drillings, research that continues to illuminate more about our climatic history than was ever previously known.

A time/core organizing chronological factoids runs the length of the gallery; sample communities are presented as ‘core drillings’, extrapolated and magnified for analysis. Statistical information is rendered physical through comparative volumes – extrusions containing materials such as shredded plastic, cork and tires.

Material choices and fabrication strategies were determined in careful consideration of their environmental impact. MATTER prefabricated all the exhibition casework and structure locally, in their shop in Brooklyn and cases were lit internally with LED panels. The gallery’s south-facing windows were opened for the first time in years, diminishing the need for overhead lighting and bringing the natural environment in.


Matter project team
Sandra Wheeler, Alfred Zollinger, co-directors
Ken Kinoshita, Parker B Lee, Christopher Malloy, Elizabeth Beecherl, Christine Chang

Exhibition Graphics design
mgmt. design

Susan Piedmont-Palladino

Assistant Curator
Reed Haslach